Soap and Glory : Clean On Me Shower Cream

Hi Beauty Reader,

I have been die hard loyal consumer and used this product for a few years. My skin was so soft and moisturized. Mostly I bought in Bangkok and stock up for couple of them. 

Since Soap and Glory has arrived in Sephora Indonesia, I decided to get one since I ran out the last bottle. 

However I noticed something, has Soap and Glory changed the formula? The shower cream is pinker, texture is less creamy and the ingredients seem to have changed as it doesn't smell as nice and doesn't lather as well? The fragrant also doesn't last longer as it used to. I hope there will some enlightenment for this matters. 

I hope there is enlightment for this matters. 
Do you also notice this girls? Please share your thought in comment bellow.  

Left is the new bottle that I bought
Right is the previous bottle that I still have.


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