Shade of MAC Makeup

C, NC, W...What Does it Mean?
Sometimes, my friend asks my suggestion for which shade is match with their skin. As you know, my fellow Indonesian.. The beauty advisor at MAC store in Jakarta is really freaking sucks. They seem so arrogant as if they sell a very luxurious product. Since its pretty confusing because MAC has various shade start with C, NC, NW, W…I do lil research through google ( God bless google! LOL ) and found out many articles and here is my summary

MAC Powder, Foundation, and StudioFix Numbering System
MAC foundations, powders, and Studio Fix (foundation/powder combo) are all assigned a number. Most MAC shades now begin with 15, the palest shade of foundation, and go up in steps of five to the darkest shade. The best way is to try out a few shades before you purchase. I always keep in my mind that yellow undertone shades of foundation are a little more forgiving than pink undertones. It gives you more neutral look. I suggest choosing one shade darker for your foundation and for powder choosing the exact color for your skin.

MAC Foundation, Powder, and Studio Fix Lettering System
MAC foundation, powder, concealer, and StudioFix has letters that it correspond with the undertones of your skin.

C = Cool - for yellow or olive complexions
NC = Neutral Cool – for golden and beige skin
N = Neutral - for beige skin
NW = Neutral Warm - for pink beige skin
W = Warm - for pinkish skin

People golden and yellow skin tones will choose C shades of makeup. People with pink skin tones will choose W shades. If you are not sure what skin tone you have, look at the veins under your skin in your forearm. People with pink skin tones have very blue veins, and people with yellow skin tones tend towards greener veins. My best suggestion is  a lil research by googling. There are many article or forum that you could read and take that as your consideration.  I found that BA at MAC store in Jakarta didn't give a great suggestion when it comes to choosing your shade. Beside that you're more focused on purchasing what you need and not adding some product ( well, they're sales people, they sometimes offer something that you don't need. ) So, that was it.. I hope it could be a little help for you guys…


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