About Me

A life between telco product manager and make-up artist.

Adindha has been in love with makeup since she was young. Her passion in makeup or beauty has begun at an early age to play and create different look while growing up.  

She graduated from University of Indonesia, majored in Dutch Linguistic and then while working, she continued her post graduate study in University of Indonesia, majored in Magister of Management.  She started her career in one of prestigious English learning institution and move up to higher ladder at her current employer, one of telecommunication company in this country where she spent most of her paycheck to finance her number one passion; MAKE-UP.

Adindha has been learning makeup both formally and autodidact. At this moment she's enjoying her part-life as a Make-up Artist and Blogger. 

 She believes that  

"Every face is a blank canvas and every brush stroke creates something magical... " - Unknown -. 

 For her, Make-Up is about embracing own uniqueness and beauty inside. What she shared here are her personal expressions on make-up, and might change time after time.

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