My thoughts and prayers are with you

After my father passed away due to serious and complex illness, I promised myself that I would be more aware and responsive when I met or heard about other people with an ill or dying parent, because the people who’d been there before me were invaluable as I embarked on this weird journey of life.

I try to comment when I hear about a blogger’s parent falling ill or when someone is needed at the same time by both their kids and their parents, even if I don’t know them well.

Yesterday, one of my ex-colleague’s sister has been having a serious illness, this kind of feeling re-appeared, I know exactly the feeling that she got.

One of the things I always write or say when a parent/family is ill or dying is, “My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.”

I know that’s not very original, and it may sound trite, but the thing is, that I “get it”, I wish I had a better way to tell people that I really mean it. I really do remember and say a prayer for people when I read or hear something like that.

I know some people aren’t the praying types, and I hope they don’t find it offensive. While I’m not sure what measurable effect, if any, it has on the situation, I figure it couldn’t hurt.

Just thought you should know.

I dedicate this to my friend Tasya Desita and to all people who havr the same situation . Allah SWT bless you.


  1. so sweet, dear.. been there too. I lost my mother 5years ago and i found myself be a more emphatic person for other's loss ever since.

    salam kenal :)

  2. Hellooo to youuuuuu, my long time "yang sama-sama suka drama" friend!! (in a good way of course :p)

    Just noticed this one, padahal suka iseng buka2 blog ini..

    Throw back to that moment, 5 bulan di Dharmais, you always managed to come, then you apologized karena gak pernah mau masuk liat ade gw di ruang perawatan.. hahaha. Its ok. I (finally) got that kind of feeling, took me a year sampe akhirnya bisa nengokin orang di Rumah Sakit. Amazing how bunyi "tit.. tit.. tit..." mesin2 di ruang ICU could gave you that huge amount of trauma! And you were there saat Ade gw meninggal, came all the way from Slipi to Tangerang. Thank you for that! And I just realized, belom sempet ngomong Makasih. And so far, lo berhasil menjalankan komitmen untuk "be there" kalo ada kabar duka dari temen-temen. Which is great, karna gw belom bisa jadi orang setotal itu.

    And 3 years later, here we are, sama-sama sudah ditinggal Papa. I finally got a chance to get on your shoes! S-U-C-K-S ya.. haha, tapi life goes on. Still couldn't beat your record, De', udah lama banget ditinggal Papa. Never gets easier. Setiap hari isinya penyesalan. I wish I'd spent more time with him. :) So I got it, kenapa lo sukanya terlalu mandiri, sukanya sok kuat, padahal ada cengengnya juga. Hahahaha (spoiler gak sih gw.. membuka aib blogger). It is, indeed, so true, pengalaman hidup membentuk diri lo kedepannya.

    Anyway congratulation on your MUA career. Thank you umtuk rekomendasi make-up2 ciamik lo. YOU ALWAYS GET IT RIGHT! (Ini gw bantu "sundul'.. ayo mbak hire dia, make up nya pinter lhooo) One time, I called you to fix my make up on my friend's wedding, TRULLY A LIFE SAFER!!Hahahaha! Semoga semakin sukses, tapi harganya jangan melambung ya De, nanti gw mikirnya tambah panjang mau meng-hire lo. Hehehehe. Congratulation on being Mrs. Adi, nyesel banget gak dateng, sorry banget yaaa, masih repot sama si New Born. Salam buat si Bunda Hebat nan cantik, keponakan roti sobek dan si Mas Adi yang (semoga makin dan akan selalu) sabar :p

    1. Oh helllaaaa kakak acha...

      Thank you for the kind word that you have given. It took for me years to finally go to hospital, yet I still couldn't come to ICU. I just can't.. I'm sorry.

      Ga kerasa ya sudah beberapa tahun, and you have milano! a truly blessing from Allah.
      Ohhh my so called kakak drama in a good way dan racun makeup apapun, masih dinget aja gw ke senayan to fix your makeup. Baru banget bangun hahaha...

      tolong itu spoiler kenapa kelauar juga haha, masih inget banget dulu suka ngambekin kak acha di kantor gara2 ga diajak makan D'creps! Silly ya... haha
      I know you for quite long time, and you are the strongest person that I know. Though is sucks, you will go thru this much stronger than me. ;)

      amin untuk doanya ya... semugi selalu hits!

      sehat selalu kak acha, papindut, dan milandut..

      thank you for reading my blog! I hope that you enjoy...


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